The 2016 Australasian QSports was held at the beautiful Cabarita Beach in Northern NSW. Diago and I headed up there and what a fun day it was!   We had an absolute ball as we competed in the Open sections and won the Liberty, and Riding classes PLUS!  I am very proud to say that I also won the ROPE Championship -this is an overall score based around the QSports principles of good horsemanship.  Release, Leadership, Technique, Harmony, Connection ad Empathy are all taken into consideration for this score.

With little ‘practice’ before hand as we had a 3 day trip to get there, I was so impressed with how much try Diago gave me for these events.  It really stood out how important your preparation is rather than the need for practice.

I was also inspired watching all the events with other students doing so well, and many proud moments watching as everyone collected their prizes at the Presentation evening – was a yummy meal too!

I’d like to thank all the sponsors who helped make this event happen and of course the organising committee who did such a fabulous job of putting the day together, making it run smoothly and enjoyed by everyone!